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This is not only the title of my story, “Wine Tasting In Paris” is exactly the name of Thierry Givone’s activity.

thierry givone with his guests

thierry givone with his guests

So, while I was organizing my trip in Paris – where in came in November to join some wine events and tastings – I came across this. It could not be otherwise as I was exaclty typing “wine tasting in paris”, right to find tasting in english!

Thierry has a relevant education in the wine sector and a long experience in the international marketing.

“I have launched this activity in the 2014 to make French wine more approachable to tourists visiting Paris and I have animated about 180 wine tastings for at least 1500 people” he states.

Now he has an effective domain, a welcoming location in the Latin Quarter and he offers an introduction to the tasting’s technique along with a tasting of french wines, especially for tourists who can find continuosly scheduled appointments.

So if you are in Paris, you cannot miss this “tour” of France through its wonderful wines. Smells and flavors will be the most resistant memories of our trip!