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The shelf of the book shop seemed to be split into 2 parts: the “old” and the new, the vintage and the modern sections and the covers demonstrate the same also thanks to the current phenomenon of food photography! But I was on my favorite side: the one made of authors who studied for long and worked in silence to build a solid reputation without thinking to much to the frills which often characterize the modernity.

I leafed through the books of Lejla Mancusi Sorrentino, master of the trendy storytelling, the dense guide to wine by Slow Food Publisher and finally I took “La cucina napoletana” by Luciano Pignataro (i.e. “The cuisine of Napoli city”, located in Campania region, southern Italy).

Because it is not a cuisine book but a book that tells the city of Napoli through its cuisine.

Because the cuisine is one of the main components of the local cultures and it works better than many politicized tales.

Because “La cucina napoletana” written by Pignataro goes right to the reader’s heart and to Napoli’s soul too.

Because when one travels, maps and technical guides are important but we should integrate books like this one to really get into the territory!

Because it is not a collection of recipes for annoyed housewives but tales about the tradtions, the terms and the historical reasons hidden behind such a recipe.

Because if you understand Napoli, you get in love with it, sooner or later!