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I love the Night.

It is like a day without dazzling light, without noise, without hurry. Like a protected day, a drunk day.

Correct, because this is what the wine is able to do: slows down the world that twists under your feet and brings you back to its own land, right that territory that it itself contains in a sip, in a flavour, even in a shade.

Umbria region (central Italy) with its wines is able to offers such an experience: a region without excesses or mess, which is perfecting its own language looking for a proper identity and in the meanwhile holds you among soft hills and the puff of the lake.

Its wine breaths through you nose and from you nose it smells vigor and blackberry if it is a Sagrantino from Montefalco, agility and juice if it is an italian Gamay from Trasimeno lake, body and regional ubiquity if it is a Grechetto. A wine which resists if unveiled and when discovered is dynamic and fruity if it is a Trebbiano Spoletino, charming and mysterious if it is a Smoky Vin Santo, savoury and historical if it is a white from Orvieto, fresh and delicate if it is a red Ciliegiolo.

It does not matter if you are not a wine expert because its language is universal like the attitude to look for the pleasure.