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The notorious winery Tramin is among the most representative of Termeno and of Alto Adige region as a whole, for 3 main reasons:

  1. it is an excellent example of a wine-cooperative, a typical structure here in Alto Adige like few other regions in Italy;
  2. For the combination between refreshing character and savouriness as well as a mineral touch, great expression of the local terroir;
  3. For the tangible attention to sustainability also demonstrated by the original design of the winery built to blend into the landscape.

tramin winery, the design

tramin winery, detail

Thanks to a recent tasting organized by the Association “a Tavola con Bacco (in Perugia, central Italy) I have had the chance to taste again a good part of their wide range of wines. But instead of dwelling on the better known ones such as, for example, the elegant Gewürztraminer, especially the award-winning “Nussbaumer”, which while remaining tied to the most typical sensations: from the floral ones (like rose) to the tropical aromas (like litchi and melon) it further articulates them with additional hints of yellow rose, rose perfume and lilies combined to a mix of spices like curry, cinnamon, nutmeg along with lime juice and candied ginger which enrich a smooth and sensual sip. Just as it would be easy to think of the Gewürztraminer late harvest, which, in my opinion, sublimates the essence of this aromatic grape variety, enhancing its olfactory extravagance if one balances acidity and concentration as well as they do at Tramin with their “Roen”; or, yet, “Stoan”: rich blend of Chardonnay 65%, Sauvignon 20%, Pinot Bianco 10%, Gewürztraminer 5% which offers complexity and a great potential for ageing. Instead, I dwell on a classic single variety wine: “Pepi” Sauvignon (2017) with an extraordinarily balanced. A wine inspired by Loire Sauvignon with subtle but incisive vegetal notes of asparagus and aloe juice and a fruity character halfway between citrus and tropical with a note of pink grapefruit and a touch of elderflower on a rocky background that it is also found on the palate: the sip is marked by savouriness, clean, frank with a harmony modeled on an elegant expressiveness of the grape variety. An airy bouquet thanks to the maturation in large barrels (no more than 8 months) and a firm silky texture enhanced by a short lees ageing and supported by the well integrated alcoholic strucuture.

pepi – sauvignon