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Gay-Odin is more than a chocolate factory, it is a symbol of the wine&food culture of Napoli (Campania region, southern Italy), symbol of the elegance and the history of this city. This is why the most of the tourists use to buy its classic package of mixed pralines as souvenir! I have recently enjoyed the video realized by a notorious italian video-maker and journalist that you can find here and I take this chance to suggest some wine and chocolate parings. It is not an easy pairing especially because of the “bitter” character of the cocoa. Dessert wines or even spirits will be more helpful the most of the times!

  • DARK CHOCOLATE: the most difficult one. I like to pair it to Barolo Chinato (Barolo wine plus sugar, alcool and spices, sweet and aromatic), or Tawny Port (alcoholic sweet wine from Portugal, matured in wood), yet, my beloved Sherry Pedro Ximénez (spanish luscious and dense fortified wine from Pedro Ximénez dried grapes); finally an old Rum, for those who love this classic pairing.


  • MILK  CHOCOLATE: the flavours of cocoa are there but the bitter sensation is much reduced. I prefer red sweet wines such as, to remian in Italy, Vin Santo Toscano, from Tuscany of course, Moscato di Scanzo from Lombardia region, northern Italy. Combinations and intensity are numerous, let’s think about a chocolate cake or the famour Sacher Torte: in case of complex dessert made of chocolate we can have Sagrantino Passito from Umbria region, central Italy, Recioto della Valpolicella from Veneto, northern Italy or Primitivo Dolce Naturale from Puglia, southern Italy.


  • WHITE CHOCOLATE: sweeter and more delicate compared to the previous ones. We can pair it to white dessert wines such as, remaining in Italy, Moscato di Trani (from Puglia, southern Italy), Recioto di Soave (from Veneto region, northern Italy), Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà from Liguria northern Italy, Malvasia delle Lipari (Sicily).

But let’s remember: desserts must be paired to sweet wines!