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 I find useless to write and quote here the numbers (although positive and increasing) for an emerging event at its 4th edition that is, anyway, to be considered emerging due to the transformation in progress such as the international editions that will be launched in 2020. Hence, I like to underline that the Wine Show (held in Umbria, central Italy) closes celebrating the spirit that brought it to life and that was confirmed in a warm (due to the favorable weather conditions) and friendly weekend, accompanied by the feminine versatility that opened the festival with the gala evening on Friday and by the light spirit of conviviality on Saturday and Sunday. Wineries from all over Italy and, in particular, those from Puglia region (southern Italy) thanks to the partnership with the ‘Due Mari Fest’ of Taranto, tango and the music of Swingle Kings as well as the art of paintings and the professionalism of those who led guided tastings alternated rhythmically.

sunset wine

These are the traits of an ambitious format that with two editions (in Todi for the summer one and in Orvieto in winter) will also open – as mention – abroad (next year) and which aims to highlight those historic and fascinating locations that we take too much for granted in Italy. That’s what both Asa Johansson (Sweden journalist), awarded with the #BeWine award and the best journalist, and Donatella Cinelli Colombini (wine producer in Montalcino and President of the Italian Association Wine&Women), winner of the #BeWine award to the producer, reminded us on the occasion of the gala evening and the related award ceremony, which were elegantly led by chef Catia Ciofo who, with her female staff, chose to combine each dish with a piece of music and those intriguing female portraits painted by Alvaro Quagliarini (local painter). An evening enriched by the presence of Marta Cotarella, who received the #NOW (Not Only Wine) award for the high education school ‘Intrecci’ of enormous support for those who want to enter the high quality restaurants and relative services, probably the element to improve and enhance to support the level and the attention that food and restaurants today receives.

Catia Ciofo and her female staff

Afterwards, on Saturday and Sunday, the program was replicated to offer everyone the opportunity to reach Todi, with the walk-around-tasting as well as the targeted tasting guided with different approaches: the “Wine Tour” by the Fisar Orvieto with the emerging wineries of the “Wine Route of Cantico”, then “Doc Excellence Todi”, with a focus on the local white Grechetto di Todi by Grimani (responsible for the Vitae in Umbria, the wine guide of AIS – Association of Italian Sommelier) and “Un4gettable” with 4 of the best wines in the world according to Wine Spectator led by Filippi (Best Sommelier AIS of Italy 2016) that have clearly ranged from a focus on local excellences to an international look that intrigued and informed, even with wines that are not easily available.

Un4gettable with Maurizio Filippi

The invitation is to stay in touch for future developments that will be equally tantalizing.

See you at the winter edition in Orvieto on December 7, 8, 9.