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Make people live an experience is much more effective than any sort of presentation or advertising. This is what Californian wineries had taught us building a self-sustainable wine tourist model and what is demonstrated by the recent launch in London of a contest to reward the best wine tourist offers (WBV – World’s Best Vineyards to visit) about what I will write again soon. It als proved by the multiplication of initiatives that are increasingly aimed at involving all senses through an emotional approach rather than being too technical.

That’s why I am glad to promote one of those which will take place on July 19th-20th in Rieti (nera Rome) and organized by the restaurant La Foresta and the winery Le Macchie: “PicNic in vigna” (PicNic in the vineyards); wines, local excellences and traditions will be paired to music, themed films and even a photo contest photographic that feeds its own mission: #lamiastoriadivino to tell “what wine is for you.

Well done.

Here is the full programme (in Italian): PICNIC IN VIGNA – July 19-20