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Agriturismo”, in Italian, means hospitality within a farm. The term was officially included in the Italian legislation in 1973 at a local level (in the province of Trento, northeast of Italy), at national level in 1983 and then, in 1985 the first law to regulate the Agriturismo as a whole was published. A formula that has gained a huge success in Italy as well as abroad to the point that there is not a proper translation of the term “agriturismo” in other languages. By the way, there has been an inevitable evolution over the years. We are, perhaps, more accustomed to the concept of Tuscan “relais” (Tuscany, in central Italy, remains the first region for this kind of touristic offer followed by Trentino-Alto Adige and Lombardy in northern Italy) with infinity pools and stone houses and their indisputable charm but the question is: is this what we really expect when we look for agriturismo (where we should experience and get what they can do and produce right there in front of us)?

chiara giorleo and gioacchino de sanctis (owner of tenuta monte la guardia) at cascata della mola

The countryside surrounding the Italian capital, Rome, is investing in the promotion of activities classified as agriturismo with the support of the local Chamber of Commerce; so I myself intend to follow with optimism the evolution in the development of the services and of the local offers so that, if we succeeded in diverting for a moment the look from that eternal wonder of Rome, we could discover some authentic examples of agriturismo as a whole.

free animals at tenuta monte la guardia

Dirt road apart, which I trust will be worked quickly for the sake of these activities, the Agriturismo “Tenuta Monte la Guardia” represent a true example of this touristic offer with all the animals free to live the property, an engaging walk through the wood to reach the charming Waterfall “della Mola” as well as a very welcoming approach by the owners (Gioacchino and Piera De Sanctis) whose experience, open-mindedness and competence are poured in the quality of their dishes: typical but not obvious and well presented with a variety and intensity of flavors, paired to easy-drinking and very pleasant bulk wines.

tenuta monte la guardia – appetizer


home made dessert: cakes and crostata

The pure touch that one expects from a farm but that, alas!, is not so obvious. Firewood, breeding of hunting dogs (for wild boar hunting) and breeding of animals such as pigs, hares and pheasants, are the main activities of Tenuta Monte La Guardia which, meanwhile, looks ahead enriching their offers with a very characteristic suite that includes sauna, jacuzzi, power shower and herbal tea room, included. Enjoy the picture.

tenuta monte la guardia – suite spa