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We are in Bracciano area, in the Roman countryside, but Agriturismo Monte la Puglia offers the traditional mix of interregional cultures and the typical exchange which was alive within the agricultural production in the past when the communities – far from being shielded by our super tech tools – survived thanks to the mutual support. All enriched by the cinematic charm that continues to emanate that iconic Italian movie “Non ci rest ache piangere” (1987 with the internationally famous actors: Massimo Troisi and the Oscar rewarded Roberto Benigni) filmed right in this estate.

A scene of the Italian movie “Non ci resta che piangere” (1987) with the 2 famous main actors

Hence, despite being in Lazio, 50 km from Rome (the capital) and 15 from the lake of Bracciano, the wines served are those of Frescobaldi given the kinship with this Tuscan family, well known in the international wine scene, together with those produced in the nearby area of Amelia (in Umbria region). What’s more: lavender for fragrances, beehives for honey, the vegetable cultivated in a totally spontaneous way (not even copper is used although allowed by the organic system), cereals (which will be certified organic soon) and fruit are produced internally but cheeses are supplied by shepherds who benefit from the large estate made available for grazing and the horse section is managed in collaboration with a colleague, mr. Placido. A complete agricultural system.

lavender – agriturismo monte la puglia

That’s what makes proud Corso Patrizi, owner of Agriturismo Monte la Puglia, which takes its name from the dialectal expression of Mons Apuleius (from which derives “Puglia” that, indeed, has nothing to do with Puglia region in southern Italy) that it is said to be thefavouritee place of the Latin philosopher Lucio Apuleio who loved walking in these valleys and in these woods drawing inspiration for his writings.

cooking lessons – agriturismo monte la puglia

Patrizi family, from Siena (Tuscany), owns the estate since the 1600s now managing about 250 hectares of uncontaminated nature. It’s then redundant to emphasize the truest quality of the products served as well as the authenticity of the activities organized here especially by his wife who launched an Educational Farm in 2012 (ex. valuable cooking classes), including a path for jogging enthusiasts. A true refuge for nature lovers … with no added frills.

roman gnocchi with ricotta cheese dressed with fresch cherry tomatos and basil basilico