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It would be redundant to underline again the richness of a region that is as historically relevant in the wine world as Campania (in Southern Italy), with its over 100 indigenous grape varieties coming from well 2 active volcanos, islands, mountains, hills and lakes as well as one of the few vineyards in the city (in Napoli). This enriches the charm of this land by complicating the communication of such a multifaceted wine territory.

Hence, Campania 100 is the communication project recently launched by the local Association of Sommelier (AIS Campania) to tell the over 100 indigenous varieties throughout Italy starting right in November: here are the upcoming dates, Verona, Roma and Firenze on 21 November – 2019, 27 February and March – 2020.

Each time there will be the opportunity to taste the wines of different producers from different wine areas which will be told by highly recognized specialists of the region:

Nicoletta Gargiulo President of Ais Campania
Tommaso Luongo Delegate of Ais Napoli and regional supervisor for the Italian wine guide of AIS Italia “Vitae”
Piero Gabriele Communication Manager of Ais Campania.