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Pisoni winery in Trentino wine area, northern Italy, is not only the well-known producer of the fine sparkling Trento DOC and Vino Santo (the niche dessert wine produced by Nosiola) along with the other wines from local and international grapes.

Organic and biodynamic company since more than 20 years with a long history with a great focus on the territory and its potential. Here is the investment on a new original variety named Rebo a crossing between the local black grape Teroldego and Merlot created in the 50s by Rebo Righotti. It has strong anthocyanin content, thick skin and offers high extract in the resulting wines. From Rebo they also produce a wine in the style of Amarone hence drying grapes exploiting the typical breeze of the area: “ORA DEL GARDA” named Reboro.

It’s a collaborative project between the producers of the Valle dei Laghi (Lakes Valley), released for the first time in 2015 (vintage 2011). Specifically, Reboro by Pisoni (largest producer of Reboro with 10,000 bottles) is made from organic grapes of Rebo, grown in the best vineyards and left to dry until late November on the “arele“, the racks also used for drying the Nosiola grapes for the production of the dessert wine Vino Santo Trentino DOC. After pressing and fermentation, it ages for three years in oak barrels.

Please find here are my impressions about the basic Rebo and Reboro after my tour at Pisoni winery with Marco Pisoni.

  • REBO 2016

Medium ruby.

The aromas recall something of Cabernet Franc with hints of cinchona; the fruit is black and enriched by notes of liquorice roots, toast and smoke on a very refreshing balsamic background. On the palate is lively, quite dry, with a certain structure and flavours of dark fruit and pungent spices.

  • REBORO 2014

Deep ruby.

It smells of blackberry jam, chilli pepper, cedar wood. Welcoming nose. Smooth on the palate, off-dry, long finish, “meditation” wine.