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Borgo Conventi is the wine estate absorbed in 2019 by the Moretti Polegato family, well known for the production of Prosecco with Villa Sandi in Veneto (north-east of Italy). Founded in 1975, Borgo Conventi has about 30 hectares (74 acres) distributed within the limits of the DOC Collio and Isonzo: well-known appellations for the production of fine Italian whites, in a frame, once again, with unquestionable charm. Because the vision of the Moretti Polegato family has always been multi-purpose: there is no wine without respect for beauty. The beauty of the productive territory to be preserved through biodiversity: Villa Sandi and, now, also Borgo Conventi are certified “Biodiversity Friend”. The beauty of packaging too often underestimated, being considered frivolous. As well as the beauty of the estates themselves that had already conquered me at Villa Sandi along with its bistrot Locanda Sandi thanks to the atmosphere and quality of the hospitality. Borgo Conventi reflects the same approach with a Villa suspended between the charm of the colonial style and the so contemporary escape offers that sought-after by wine tourists.

And if it weren’t for this emergency, in these weeks we would have been talking about it directly from these harmonious places given the appointments that the company had planned and that Spring would have welcomed. The visit to these wine places is just postponed, in the meanwhile we enjoy the most tangible and “liquid” transposition, as someone would say.

Borgo Conventi produces about 300,000 bottles per year: whites (such as Sauvignon, Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Pinot Grigio atc.) and reds (such as Refosco and Shioppettino along with a cru). In addition to the beautiful packaging (see pic), the wines are very pleasant and centered on the territory and grape variety of origin. Wines that are often easy-drinking and therefore decidedly in line with the common thread of many of the tastings of this quarantine; an experience which has seen the rediscovery of our territories starting from the most typical local recipes to pair to easy-drinking and fruity wines to be enjoyed in a family context.

borgo conventi-villa sandi-wine packaging

Looking forward to returning to visit the beauty of certain places, the wine reveals – once again – the opportunity for an exchange that goes beyond tasting thus embracing sociality, history and territory that just wine is able to incorporate and whose expression varies so much from winery to winery.