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Against any marketing rule, today I like to write about a product that you will not find on the market anymore! I am referring to the non-alcoholic  “amaro” (typical after-dinner drink in Italy) of the company Bottega. It is a company with a very large production, from brandy to dry wine, sweet wines such as Moscato, various liqueurs, and even gift-boxes. A company, however, that I have known for its creams and in particular for this non-alcoholic “amaro”.

Everything was born because a great friend of mine is teetotal and this despite her husband is a big fan of wines. So, every time I go to visit them in Milan I always try to think of a double gift: the wine for him and… something else for her! As a lover of food and wine I generally prefer this branch for my gifts also because I always enjoy to look for good and original products. So for him I only need to pick the last wine I have enjoyed somewhere, while for her I have started with:

  • chocolate powder in wooden box
  • flavored tea from the East
  • mustards for cheese
  • cream of licorice

…. until I’ve seen her! The frosted glass bottle of “Bottega” with a written: ” 0 alcool”!

I could not believe my eyes and Barbara, the owner of the wine shop (“Emporio Antico Borgo” located in Italy, near the city of Salerno), explains that it is, in fact, a very interesting non-alcoholic product to be served at room temperature or even cold as well as on ice cream and desserts. I also liked the packaging so I got it immediately.

After a few days I went to Milano and we did not lose the opportunity to try it soon: excellent, tasty, but not too bitter, nice! We had it cold after a heavy dinner out and we were impressed, even the husband who is generally skeptical of any beverage that is below 4% alcohol!!

gift box

gift box

So at Vinitaly 2014, last April (see previous article here), I did not miss the chance to go visit the stand of Bottega, where I discovered they do not produce it anymore: the idea seemed very interesting to me, however, that product did not have the right response on the market.

Too bad for the teetotalers but not bad for everyone else if we consider the extensive line of creams and liquors offering. (This is, in fact, the line I appreciate more at Bottega) for quality, elegance and originality, female characteristics do you say? I am not sure throwing the challenge to men.
The cream “Nero”, dark chocolate and grappa or the brand new “Latte Macchiato” grappa and coffee cream are my favorite ones. But the choice is wide:

  • limoncello
  • limoncello cream
  • any fruit creams such as coconut or blueberry for example
  • Hazelnut chocolate
  • cinnamon.

The site will help you more than me: Do not recommend it to just greedy!


the creams tasted at Vinitaly

the creams tasted at Vinitaly