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Calabria region in the south of Italy is a wine-growing emerging territory with enormous charm. Roberto Ceraudo with its wines can give great evidence of that. To write about Ceraudo’s wines we should start tot alk abour Roberto Ceraudo himself! Please find here some elements:


He is a man of great personality and sympathy, strongly linked to the territory and, more in general, to the land. And the result is remarkable. Known as one of the best producers in Calabria, Roberto converted his vineyards to biodiversity long time ago as a result of an unfortunate accident during a chemical treatment that, many years ago, endangered his health.

cerauso's vines

cerauso’s vines

Roberto has been able to find a good balance between the terroir and the international style to suit all palates with a wide range of wines; and then there’s the oil, wonderful! Ceraudo Winery is located in Strongoli (a town in the province of Crotone): hot wine land, rich and located just a few steps from the sea which greatly affects the production.


The grown grapes are the indigenous ones (Gaglioppo and Magliocco which are red grapes, and then the white ones Greco bianco, Mantonico and Pecorello) as well as 2 international varieties (such as the red Cabernet and the white Chardonnay).


It is a medium sized company in the Italian market, with a production of about 70,000 bottles of a total of 20 hectares of vineyards. But when I say wide production I mean it, so, on this occasion I am gonna focus on white wines.

"grisara" and fried anchovies

“grisara” and fried anchovies

“Grisara” is a wine from grapes Pecorello (100%), very fresh with floral notes and citrus aromas; good for appetizers, fish and white meats. Noteworthy are also “Petelia” and “Imyr”. The first is a blend (Greco bianco 40%, Mantonico 30%, Chardonnay 30%) so, with a predominance of local grapes and a touch of Chardonnay. It is a very pleasant wine, fine and persistent enough to match mainly seafood dishes; Finally, “Imyr” (100% Chardonnay) that is different compared to the previous ones with greater fullness and body thanks to a short aging in oak barrels which, however, does not prevail in any way on the typical aromas of the grape.

At this point we can only enjoy them.