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How many know that a company in Puglia region – south of Italy (the heel of the boots, to be more effective), produces exclusively Spumante Metodo Classico (method of second fermentation in the bottle)? And not even from yesterday morning basing on the fact that nowadays the so-called “bubbles” live a very positive trend also thanks the communication which is promoting the consume of sparkling wines even daily. “d’Araprì” winery produces ONLY Spumante Metodo Classico (in San Severo city) since 30 years ago, more specifically since the 1979 when 3 friends, whose union of their surnames named the company too, they decide to challenge the beliefs and produce sparkling wine in the southern area. It is not just a way to complete the lines then!

It is unusual as the most important production of sparkling wine in Italy are concentrated in the north: Franciacorta (read some curiosities here), Prosecco, Trento DOC like the famous “Ferrari” brand; in the south of Italy this kind of produciotn is less diffused, except some wineries, the others are, lately, producing some sparkling wines to diversify and experimenting, with good results in some cases but with a long way to be driven still.

d'Araprì winery with its sparkling wine "Riserva Nobile"

This case is different, it is original.

The protection of the surrounding mountains prevent freezing, ventilation ensures health, rich soil composition and the day-night temperature fluctuations determine a perfect ripening of the grapes. These are all territorial elements that convinced Girolamo D’Amico, Louis Rapini and Ulrico Priore to believe and to combine their passion for jazz with the one for wine.

Bombino Bianco (a typical white grape from Puglia);

  • Pinot Noir, red grapes well known in the world of bubble;

These are the 2 main varieties chosen for their wines processed and stored in underground tunnels dating back to the 1700 century, those caves stretch for about 1000 meters and are easily accessible because they are situated in the historical center of the city.

The line is composed by the 2 classic ‘Brut’ Spumante, white and rosé, by the ‘Pas-Dose’, the driest one of the range; then by “Riserva Nobile”, single-vintage made only of white grapes, the “Gran Cuvée” for lovers, aged and complex; finally, “Dama Forestiera” producted only in Magnum and aged for at least 5 years, the gem of the winery.

This summer, I have had the pleasure to taste the 2 classic ‘Brut’ ones: the white with hints of yeast and soft citrus notes, medium complexity, good as aperitif and hot summer days; the pink one, with slightly fruity notes. I was intrigued and also by the pride of the owners!

A nice surprise to share, an interesting and historical tour, a great curiosity that challenge local belief.