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Mr. Peppino Pagano is a strength and with its winery San Salvatore is now also an educational reference point for sommelier in Salerno area. So, I pleasantly joined the sommelier group with its leader (mr. Nevio Toti) to discover a constantly changing company in Cilento area, at the south of Campania region (southern Italy-see map).


We walked through the vineyards where I appreciated the influence of the mountains with pink minerals, the sea breeze coming from the other side and a naturally fertilized soil thanks to the coexisting buffalos’ livestock, defined “second owners” of the company! This is why it is the symbol of their communication: the logo represents a stylized buffalo, symbol of the all area from which milk, the loved mozzarella is produced!

San Salvatore is an organic and biodynamic farm and on this occasion they taught us a very simple lesson: how clean can be montagna dall'altrowines without sulfites, unfortunately not always obvious. We had a proof in our wine glass, for example, with the white Cecerale (vintage 2014 – without added sulfites-see label), from the indigenous Fiano grapes and with screw cap to protect it as much as possible: fragrant and intense enough; then there is a good rosè Vetere with an elegant color and a delicate bouquet, mineral and quite balanced.

The opinions are sometimes discordant but they have numerous products, so maybe one for each preference, such as the red Jungano (from the indigenous and notorious grape Aglianico), yet, the appreciated GilloDorfles (still from Aglianico, organic) or Pian di Stio (Fiano 100%organic) in its 500ml bottle.botti

There is also a “bubble” from Aglianico (JOi) with a delicate color and an elegant bouquet, but a string character which makes it a little harder when you taste it. It is produced through a classic method (Champenoise) and, on this occasion, we did a disgorgement of a bottle together. Here, in fact, it is possible to face and understand the different techniques: whites only refined in stainless steel, whites also refined in wood, reds which refine in stainless steel or only in small barrique or, yet, in big barrel basing, for example, on their concentration, yet, the sulfite-free wines or the sparkling wine mentioned above and even the olive oil packed in cubic bottles. Do not be surprised if you’ll find also a Pinot Noir soon, it sounds strange, we’ll see!

wine tasting

wine tasting

They use to get the barrels from Gamba, italian manufacturers that guarantees customized barrels as requested by the company more than many others even in France itself.

The winery is located in Giungano town, near Paestum (the historical city in province of Salerno well known for its temples); it also offers a welcoming shop and a tasting room facing the production area with a glass-fronted kitchen ready to their wines and food pairings. They have about 100 hectares (247 acres) of orchards, olive groves and woods, 450 buffaloes, and vines of course: 23 hectares (57 acres) for a production on 160,000 bottles.


detail of the fork

detail of the fork

(Communication notes)

The products are many and I would love to get how they communicate them without being dispersive. The packaging is effective and young: the logo and the overall image reflects the characteristics of a pretty young company, with clean and “straight” wines; it is certainly recognizable and often present during (local) events, for example they cannot miss Roads of Mozzarella held in Paestum. The winery is well signaled once you get to the city (Giungano).

Enjoy the pictures.