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What we love in a restaurant is the quality of the food, of course. But there is somenthig else which brings me to go back there again and again.

The italian restaurant L’Agliara located in Battipaglia city (Campania region, southern Italy, city known for the wonderful Buffalo Mozzarella) demonstrates how to conquer clients offering a continous change of the menù with seasonal products, the possibility to range from classics to innovative recipes (Local or not!) as well as a wide numbers of events!

fagiolo di controne all'agliara

fagiolo di controne all’agliara

I have the pleasure to collaborate helding the wine lessons: guided tastings to learn more about the wine culture without using technical words or similar!

So please find here the complete calendar of events they have planned for the next 2 months:

April, the 22nd: Dinner based on the local special bean from the town of Controne, from starters up to gelato (!) made with the local gelateria Citrus.

April, the 29th: dinner with the famous chef Hiro, japanese chef who is very popular on the Tv channel of  GamberoRosso thanks to the graph he is udes to show before preparing his recipe!

May, the 2nd: Wine Culture lesson held by me: what about sparkling wines?!

May, the 3rd: real mexican dinner witht the famous chef Diana Beltran (Talent Gambero Rosso).

Mat, the 16th: Wine Culture lesson held by me: we’ll recover the lesson about red wines for those who missed it

May, the 27th: tasting of the handcrafted beer produced by the italian brewery La Cotta (from central Italy: Pesaro-Urbino area).