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Drinking these wines a question arose: what’s the “taste of wine”, meaning when is this good? I know it is absolutely personal but when do you generally like a wine?

I do when it is coherent with its territory and then unique!

Italy is lucky under this point of view, as we know that in its single corner of the country you can find a different and local variety and trust me, it will always be the best pairing to local food beyond its complexity, color, finesse or whatever one looks for…

This has been the core of the pleasant conversation I had with Massimiliano Fagotti, Export Manager of the winery “Il Colle di Saragano” in Umbria (province of Perugia) after I had discovered their Sagrantino (the fine red of Umbria region, central Italy) at the event “Anteprima Sagrantino” organized by the local Consorzio: I found them among the Sagrantino I had preferred and previously tasted blind (without knowing the producer).

The company, owned by Ivan Vincareti mainly focuses on 2 reds: Sagrantino which has the top Italian classification (DOCG) and Montefalco rosso DOC, a red blend mainly made of Sagrantino, Sangiovese and Merlot. They also have an extra virgin olive oil and a white: Grechetto dell’Umbria IGT.


I am happy to share my impressions:

  • GRECHETTO DELL’UMBRIA 2015 by Il Colle di Saragano winery.

Same name: the wine and the grape. Strong and full. A “rustic” wine somehow, exactly as it has to be if we want to locate it here. It is not delicate or complex but it well represents its territory. Grechetto, beyond some exceptions in some areas, is “simple” somehow: intense with a good character and an evident freshness, on the final it reminds the bitter almond. A straight and true wine.

  • MONTEFALCO ROSSO 2012 by Il Colle di Saragano winery.

A strong wine again; I found it intense and very pleasant. A welcoming bouquet offers red fruits, a light touch of spices as well as the clear invitation to have a sip! Full and bodied with a well integrated freshness as well as a good level of tannins which are never aggressive. Its flavor can accompany for long even after having swallowed.


I would define this tasting as taste of territory!

I still have an old vintage of Sagrantino to better experience its evolution (better than the new version I had at the Anteprima event): I’ll let you know, stay tuned!



Wine samples have been kindly submitted by the company.