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The title MW (Master of Wine) says a lot about the competence of such a wine expert being a prestigious title own by a few people in the world!

I have the pleasure to meet Tim Atkin at the historical competition IWC (International Wine Challenge) in London. I regularly write about it and I have recently published the results. So, in May I have asked him a couple of impressions about the competition as weel as italian performance. (Read more about him here:Tim Atkin MW)


Why, are the IWC’s results that relevant, Tim?

First of all thanks to the relaxing atmosphere which allows the judge to work better and to have a good exchange between each other. Then, as you know, the wines are tasted more than once and by different panels before being rewarded or rejected. Last but not least, the competence of the judges involved!

(*Please find here the mechanism of the competition)

What about Italy?

We all know: Italy is special thanks to its several native grapes. Italy should invest more in that because this is what makes Italy exciting! 

What is the limit in your opinion?

A weak communication strategy both beacause of the institutions which do not properly support the producers and because their individualism. Think about the event “Anteprime Toscane: some big wineries do not take part of them while they should support the whole territory.

Could the diversity become an issue causing confusion to the consumers?

Italian richness is only a big opportunity even if several names and classifications could be difficult to be learnt! But this is exactly what the communication should work on!


Thanks Tim, see you soon!