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The Spritz is the orange italian cocktail made of white wine or -often- Prosecco plus soda water plus Aperol or



Campari. It is a symbol here in Italy and this is why a wide line of merchandising was born such as mobile covers, t-shirts or, even worst, products such as ready cakes at spritz flavour or sugared almonds (see pic)!

A popular italian journalist, mr. Scanzi, has recently criticized it writing that it is just a mix made to consume bad white wine and suggesting to choose among thousand of others drinks..

I do not know if I agree with him or maybe we exactly think the same as I order Spritz when I am not sure about the quality of the wines available in that place!!

But, as usual, there are some exceptions especially if you drink it in Veneto region (north-east of Italy) where it was born thanks to the Austrians who used to add some water to local wines that they found too strong! And this explains also the origin of the name: “Spritzen”, in german, means “spray” (what? water into the wine).

You should now try to discover how you like it!