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After the wine event deGusto Spoleto (June, 2-3, 2018 in Spoleto city, Umbria), I was thinking that that Trebbiano Spoletino seems to show a new path, first of all because it occupies a crucial role as white here in Umbria, a region which is better know for its reds; moreover it tends to distinguish itself from the more popular Trebbiano toscano and T. abruzzese, showing much more personality, intensity and potential for ageing (except, as usual, for some great examples) to the extent that, according to some colleagues of mine, it should even be renamed avoiding the term “trebbiano” to give it an independent identity.

spoleto, umbria

The DOC was born in 2011 and it is an emerging production which is growing a lot in terms of number of producers (there were 8 producers in 2012, there are about 40 today) and with an unexpressed potential yet.


The main characters of Trebbiano Spoletino

It is produced in the territory between Spoleto and Montefalco, province of Perugia.
Historically the vines were tied to elms and maples with the system of the “piantata maritata” that they are trying to defend as the best for this variety and also, somehow, suggested by the local regulation.
The bunch is medium-tight with thick skin. Late ripening, resistance to diseases, high acidity even when ripe.


Trebbiano Spoletino: the wine

Trebbiano Spoletino has a strong character, intense both on the nose and on the palate, with a certain body, long-lived and versatile, this is also why we can find different styles and interpretations, perhaps too much as it is still difficult to define its identity; among those the macerated expressions which are not always perfectly managed. It remains a wine not to be missed and drink with 1 or 2 years on the shoulders to fully enjoy it.

deGusto Spoleto: wine tasting

Trebbiano Spoletino at deGusto Spoleto: my top list

On the occasion of this 2nd Edition of deGusto Spoleto there were about 45 samples available, here is my top list:

  • Trebbiano Spoletino DOC Superiore unfiltered 2015 – COLLE UNCINANO
    “Sweet” and intense bouquet with flavors of dried apricot, saffron, candied ginger, herbs. very pleasant on the palate, with a balanced acidity and a nice savouriness


  • Trebbiano Spoletino IGT Umbria “Vigna Vecchia” 2017 – COLLECAPRETTA
    Mature on the nose with hints of sugared almond and a medicinal touch, welcoming. Full, dry, long finish


  • Trebbiano Spoletino DOC Spoleto 2017 – CANTINA COLLESOLE
    On the nose I am impressed by a pleasant note of basil then red pepper, rocks, pineapple. Vibrant, sour with a fruity finish


  • Trebbiano Spoletino DOC Superiore 2016 – CASTELGROSSO
    I have often appreciated older vintages so I suggest to wait for a couple of years before consuming it. Apricot and medicinal on the nose. Concentrated and balanced on the palate


  • Trebbiano Spoletino DOC Spoleto “Anteprima Tonda” 2016 – ANTONELLI
    Excellent wine (alog with its brother “Trebium” 2017) well defined and with great character. On the nose: apple peel, smoke, coffee powder, dill and eucalyptus. On the palate is full, smooth and with a long finish


  • Trebbiano Spoletino DOC Spoleto “Del Posto” 2016 – PERTICAIA
    Even in this case I love the both wines of the winery, anyway I linger over this fine one with a penetrating bouquet characterized by sage, marmelade, biscuit and honey, balsamic on the final. Coherent and elegant. It is not very long but with a high potential for ageing


  • Trebbiano Spoletino IGT Umbria “Le Tese” 2016 – ROMANELLI
    Another confirmation in the local productive scene. Bright and complex on the nose: gooseberry, spices, goudron. Lively, mineral, “fluid”


  • Trebbiano Spoletino IGT Umbria “Cantaluce” 2017 – COLSANTO-LIVON
    A more “classic” style: floral notes along with wet stone, cedar. Very young at the moment


  • Umbria IGT “Colle Murello” di LEONARDO BUSSOLETTI
    Super wine: deep and marked by flavors of citrus fruits; strong personality and immediate at the same time. Super value for money