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“Sometimes words are not enough, so we need colors. And shapes. And music. And emotions”: sounds more or less like that what the italian author Baricco used to say.

And so, my tell about the blog tour organized by Malvarosa Publishing (on the occasion of the award ceremony of the Food Blog Award 2016) will be made of images to better highlight colors, shapes and emotions!

And we start with a efffervescent masterclass with the engaging chef Alfonso Crisci, about the typical sartù di riso of Napoli! The word sartù derives from the french “sourtout” (meaning on the top) which was the centrepiece used by the nobility who used to put the main course ‘on the top’ and it was generally rise that was considered healtier and less “plebeian” than pasta!


And then we got lost.

In Napoli.

At night.

(Tour of the wonderful Possillipo area in Napoli at night waiting for the award ceremony).


Finally: the award ceremony! After all it was our official excuse to make such a tour!


We made a toast in the heart of Napoli: at the famous pizzeria Sorbillo along with the starters prepared by the eclectic chef Mario Avallone.


Ready again for another fuuuull trip: the day after we made a tour of the old town center of Napoli and its xmas staues for the traditional Presepe: amazing ones, they seem to show a soul!




Finally we stopped at the atelier of the artist Lello Esposito who is contributing to make magic the image of such a rich city all over the world. lello-esposito

But it is not over yet, in the afternoon we firstly followed a masterclass about the famous local tomato and the differences are evident: the red one is more structured and somohow fruity, the socalled datterino (the small one) is sweeter and the yellow version is more vegetal. Anyway, I love it and we explored it thanks to the young and talented chef Maurizio De

And then we had it: the king of the dessert of Napoli: Babà and so we spent 2 very sweet hours with the delicate pastry chef Salvatore Gabbiano.


At night we moved to Sannio area (inland of Campania and well known for the wine production). I had the pleasure to meet the owners of Nifo Sarrapochiello winery during a typical wine&food dinner held at agriturismo Capolana in Ponte (province of Benevento).


The day after we saw the charming vineyards in Sannio area that seem to be grabbed to the local hills, all before going back to Napoli. Sannio is becoming more and more popular especially with its white falanghina, but how many version  of it you know?! I am gonna write about it soon.


In Napoli we started with a masterclass about Gragnano pasta thanks to the specialized chef Peppe Guida who taught us the different cooking methods and how to cut rather than add to privilege simplicity! (pictures by Malvarosa)

 And finally we could not miss the the energy of  the pizzaiolo Ciro Oliva, with his speech about the balance: the main “ingredient” when dealing with pizza: #ciroforpresident! (pictures by Anna Pernice).


The more you learn the more you get curious, so at night we went to Ercolano city for the showcooking of the chef Lino Scarallo before having the Gala Dinner: what a style!


And being in the famous volcanic area we could not miss to visit the wonderful vines at the feet of Vesuvio that makes those wines that special.


All before leaving Ercolano with a tour of the amazing ruins, located right “below” the modern city in the province of Napoli.


Stay tuned for further details especially about the wines!