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Last week end a very famous italian soccer player (mr. Totti) retired with a moving speech. The team he used to play with was Roma whose uniform, that often identifies the teams, is red(and yellow). The main opposing team is Lazio named after the region (Rome belongs to) whose uniform is white and sky blue. So especially in these exciting days for the italian soccer world I should pay attention in pairing the red colour to Lazio as the soccer supporters of Lazio team do not want to have nothing to do with red(and giallo)!

uniforms: Lazio and Roma teams

But this is the wine world and the red Cesanese, even if it covers a tiny production area, it is one of the most representative grape varieties in Lazio region (central Italy).

It is productive and, especially in the past, it has been preferred looking for numbers rather than quality and so leaving often space to the vegetal finish that was not always that pleasant.

But something is changing and Raimondo winery is a perfect example as I have had the pleasure to verify lately, trying their “Nemora” Cesanese di Affile DOC 2015 that comes from a hill at 500m a.s.l. with sandy soil and that it is produced from 100% Cesanese using French oak tonneaux too.

A slim and juicy wine, lively and intense with purple reflections, certainly “culinary”; perfect for those who do not like heavy and vanilla-flavoured wines: coherent, frank, with a bouquet that recalls blackberry and red cherry along with licorice, wet leaves, tobacco and nutmeg. A nice presence on the palate as well as on the table!


Wine samples have been kindly submitted by the company