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Also this year I have spent some weeks in Paris to join some relevant wine tastings and events and to enjoy this magic city. This is the moment to integrate the list of my favorite (wine&food) addresses.

Here is the list I shared last year that is fully confirmed.

And these are the new addresses:

  • In my opinion there is good reason if 1 single marron glacé costs 3 euro in Paris! Only in the best confiseries, like Jean-Paul Hévin 
  • There are numerous wonderful boulangerie in each corner of the city but this time I want to mention a different one: a boulangerie which produces its own flours and uses many different kinds of flour (rice, buckwheat,…) along with seeds or dried fruit as well as gluten free products. Much different with very good products: Chambelland


  • keep always an eye on the website of the La Revue du Vin de France which organizes wine tastings and events all year long
  • an ethnic suggestion also this year: a super Vietnamese restaurant: Le Canton at rue Gozlin, excellent
  • Wild & the Moon: totally green. Really nice place, really good products
  • the homeland of choux: Odette
  • the notorious restaurant Le Comptoir du Relais at Odeon (Saint Germain neighborhood) offers 2 terrific and funny options for a quick break or an aperitif: L’Avant Comptoir du Cochon (meat) e L’Avant Comptoir de la Mer (fish)
  • for wine lovers and wine professionals there are 2 appointments which are not to be missed: Salon des vins des vignerons indépendants between the end of Nov and  the beginning of Dec; as well as Grand Tasting at the very beginning of Dec

salon des vins des vignerons indépendants

ducasse chocolate factory

  • a melting pot of cultures and flavours at le Marche des Enfants Rouge where you can try different products and dishes from all over the world (Marais neigborhood), it seems to be the most ancient food market in Paris
  • a classic but evergreen name: La Coupole, historic and good restaurant in the heart of Paris

Stay tuned!