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Millè is a young sparkling from Lombardia region where Franciacorta has become a symbol of the italian spumante Metodo Classico. Millè was born to break the rule, a dynamic and immediate wine for young or easy-going people as the packaging itself demonstrates. It was born to be enjoyed without too many presentations as underlines Michela Muratori, Comunication Manager of Tenuta Villa Crespia and member of Muratori family which owns the estate.

millè franciacorta brut millesimato

Millè has not been produced to be aged but the serious approach of the winery as well as the “friends and lovers of Millè” have been rewarded with a surprise: the Riserva version, result of a bet. This is the surprise unvealed last May on the occasion of the very first vertical tasting of Millè (read here) when Michela presented us the vintage 2004 which was going to become what we can now officially define the Riserva version with a new packaging to give it its own identity (see cover pic).

There are less than 1200 bottles and they are probably gone already so I hope the following notes can help.

Millè Franciacorta Brut Riserva 2004 

For what it may concern the vintage it has been defined very good, in particular it was regular also in terms of quantity with great diurnal range.

The wine is in perfect shape looking young thanks to the bright colour although some golden reflections. The bouquet is young as well, with a wonderful mix of primary, secondary and tertiary aromas at once: lime, celery, toast, bread and honey. Fine, creamy and elegant on the palate where it offers a great balance. A wine with a strong personality and a still good potential for ageing.

See you at the next vertical tasting my beloved Mille!