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Ricasoli Raritas is the new collection of the notorious Ricasoli estate: historical reference of the whole Chianti Classico production area. The project is the result of the renewal triggered by Francesco Ricasoli (the latest member of the family) who in the 90s re-launches the company’s prestige by starting a focused path that culminates in 2008 with a zoning work in collaboration with the CRA (Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture). The research, that lasted 3 years, led to the identification of the specific traits of each vineyard and in particular of the different expressions of the famous red Sangiovese in 3 of the 5 most representative soils of Brolio area. This is how the first 3 cru were born: Colledilà, Roncicone and CeniPrimo, “Sangiovese 103%” as we read going through the equally elegant corporate communication.

The three cru, presented to the public on the occasion of Vinitaly 2019, show 3 strong personalities with a didactic character and are wrapped in 3 labels taken from the genealogical tree of 1584.

Despite the fact that the Colledilà was born in 2007 as the first cru of the winery, the particularly favorable conditions of the vintages 2015 and 2016 prompted the launch of this new line starting right from the 2015 vintage, with the typology Chianti Classico Gran Selezione: at the top of the qualitative pyramid of Chianti Classico (introduced in 2013 for wines obtained from single vineyard [or from the selection of the best grapes] and which undergo a longer aging [at least 30 months]).

  • COLLEDILÀ (2015)

The firstborn of the triad, son of a vineyard of 7 hectares at 390 m s.l.m. with south-east exposure and calcareous-clay soil, rich in calcium carbonate, poor in organic matter.

It is characterized by soft elegance and a vitality that supports the integrated tannic texture, with notes of red-orange and a finely spicy touch.

  • RONCICONE (2015)

The result of a vineyard of about 10 hectares at 320 m s.l.m. with south-east exposure lying on a soil made of marine deposits of Pliocene origin, as well as sandy deposits and stones smoothed by the sea, with clayey layers in depth.

Delicate and floral, it can be recognized by the almost iodine aroma on the nose as well as by savouriness on the palate. Straight, sensual and harmonious. With great personality.

  • CENIPRIMO (2015)

Still Sangiovese 100% from a vineyard of 6 hectares at 300 m s.l.m. with south-west exposure that lies on the great valley of the Arbia river whose geological formation is called Ancient Fluvial Terrace.

The most “masculine” of the three with a more imposing body and a more evident earthy character. The tannin supports the structure without ever sacrificing elegance and freshness.

francesco ricasoli at vinitaly 2019