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What I love most about the Falanghina of the Campi Flegrei is its chameleon-like ability that we have in common. That form of versatility that makes it special although recognizable under different versions. It can be easily experienced thanks to the different expressions offered by the wineries of Napoli territory such as those of the Carputo company in Quarto, province of Napoli (Campania region in Southern Italy).

Here I had the opportunity to range from the sparkling Extra Dry version, not surprisingly called “Lapilli” in reference to this fascinating volcanic territory (Falanghina Charmat Method sparkling wine), to the light-sparkling version (Falanghina Campania Frizzante IGP): both with a delicate mousse and a touch typically bittering. Yet, we move from the more classic still version (Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei DOP 2018), with explosive savouriness till the one who made me fall in love with the territory: “Collina Viticella” (Falanghina dei Campi Flegrei DOP 2018 ), a cru, a late harvest that manages to offer an attractive although apparently contrasting combination between its round character given by the ripe fruits and the saline, sometimes and somehow sharp personality of the Falanghina of Campi Flegrei, the active volcanic area of Campania together with the better known Vesuvius.

Indeed, Campi Flegrei area is the second volcanic side of the city of Naples, the northern one with yellow tuff soils, bright sunny days and sea breezes; an area traditionally specialized in a distinctly different Falanghina (compared to the full-bodied and long-lived one of Sannio, inland of Campania); and on Piedirosso, the red wine that often arouses wonder having often been mistreated also because of its difficult management but which today is experiencing a more than deserved renaissance.

Carputo is a family business that produces about 200,000 bottles per year with the support of the winemaker Antonio Pesce. The red wines, again, range from Piedirosso to Aglianico (the 2 most important black grapes of Campania region) and even to the bubbly and easy-drinking Gragnano so offering different style and personalities. On the other hand, the logo: sun and moon, which symbolize the balance between female and male spirit that animate this company, says a lot about the soul and the corporate philosophy.