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If you love eating raw fish with an aged red, do it! The taste is subjective and everyone should be free to eat what he/she likes and make the combinations he/she prefers.

artichoke (carciofo)

artichoke (carciofo)

It ‘s true, however, that there are criteria which help in food and wine pairings so that the aromas of the wine does not prevail over food’s one and vice-versa. And there are some foods really difficult to match with wine.

Here are some examples:


  • Chocolate: maybe you could try with certain kinds of very aged reds, with toasty and spicy notes or, better,  liqueur reds like Porto;
  • Liqueur Cakes: the presence of liquor makes difficult the combination of any wine;
  • Artichokes: especially if raw, because they make the wine sweet or metallic;
  • Fennel: because of their aromatic persistence with which the wine is not always able to compete;
  • Spices and chilli then: they “burn the palate“, you can hazard a wine with high acidity and low in alcohol;
  • Food with vinegar: vinegar ‘s aroma does not fit easily with wine.