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The italian President of Slow Food association, Petrini, during the presentation of Slow Wine, guide to italian wines, 10 days ago stated that on TV we often see male chef but the gastronomic tradition is based on women abilities, worldwide, thanks to their simplicity for example.

As a woman, this 1 of the 2 notes I like to underline with regards to the presentation of the most popular guide to restaurants, the “red one”: Michelin Guide. (There are lots of more general info on the internet)

So, note1:

  1. please look at the figure below which represents the presence of woman and male in italian starred restaurants (in 2013):
  • red=women=15%
  • blu=men
  • yellow= restaurant with both a man and a woman in the kitchen

donne in risto stellati

Note 2:

                 2. Campania region (southern Italy), my region of origin, has registered the highest number of two stars, along with Lombardia (in the north).


donne in risto stellati