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Put …

  • 1kilo of experience in the restaurants world as the one of mr. Eliseo Marciello, the chef.
  • 1Liter of professionalism with the clients as the one offered by ms. Adele Forlano.
  • 1 sachet of originality to mix with the respect for culinary traditions, but not only the local ones!
  • 1 case of resourcefulness to never run risk of burning our preparation in the pot!
  • 3 measures of desire to redeem a city that deserves more and better visibility. (Do not forget the success of local buffalo mozzarella, well known all over the world).
  • finally, 1 pinch of madness -always and anyway- and you’re done …

… The restaurant “L’Agliara, 2 punti e a capo” in Battipaglia city (Olevano street) is served!

risto2I better say, they serve us: good food, good value for money, friendliness and intriguing initiatives.

A welcoming location, a wines and beers list suited to the cuisine and a menu to suit all tastes.

Tapas for happy hours as well as affordable business lunches; yet, traditional recipes on Sundays as well as delicious hamburger, with a rotation every 2 months focuses on seasonal products.antipasti

But no, there is something more: the section “classics” of the menu from which I ordered immediately  a great “spaghetti aglio e olio” (typical and simple italian recipe of spaghetti): a pleasure!

In short, since some months ago there is a new benchmark in Battipaglia city (Campania region, southern Italy): for traditional and innovative recipes, youth and classic dishes but also for thematic events and who knows, maybe we will work together to discover a few tricks about wines!