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One of the most famous marketing strategies which has brought Napa wine business to success (and more precisely related to Wine Tourism) is the one commonly found on specialized book: “People wants to live an experience”: it will allow to make the difference between a good a wine and a wine that one will remember for ever.

A long, maybe vague, introduction to underline – once again – the importance to build a tasting experience before the tasting itself. An exercize which can go from the simple but effective choice of the location till the more contemporary opportunity of the modern technologies to overcome the conventional paths.

wine tasting at wine show todi

And this is exactly the wine world offered by the Wine Show hold in Todi, Umbria region (central Italy) on June 9-10 that has planned a programme enriched by the beauty of the unique villages of this magic region especially at sunset. What’s more, those territories have recently been enjoyed in Puglia region, southern Italy, by those who attended the Due Mari WineFest (Taranto, June 15-16) thanks to the app VirtualTaste which allows to live a virtual experience (see pic) and “bring you” directly to the places where those umbrian wines have been produced, an app already tasted with success in Todi itself.

the app virtual taste

Please find here some more details about it: (Press Release)

See you next year people!